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Welcome to our site!

The mission of Red Thistle Adoptions is to unite children with adoptive families, while making the adoption process as affirmative and affordable as possible. If you have been thinking of increasing your family trough adoption or wanting to learn more about the adoption process, we are here to help.

Red Thistle Adoptions provides services for Oregon residents considering an independent adoption, working with a birthmother, adopting through an out-of-state adoption agency, or an Oregon Waiting Child. We consider it a privilege to join with prospective parents as they celebrate family through adoption.

Red Thistle is a non-profit 503(c)(3), licensed adoption agency located in Salem, Oregon. We understand growing a family through adoption can be a prickly business. Like the hurt inflicted by the spines on a thistle, the adoption process can also be painful. Yet both the plant and the nature of the undertaking can ultimately bring untold joy to the recipient.
We believe every child deserves and needs a permanent, loving home. Our specialty is enabling prospective families to complete Oregon requirements for domestic and international adoptions in an expedient and professional manner. Red Thistle Adoptions is dedicated to fulfilling the biblical adage, “God sets the lonely in families” (Psalms 68:6).